Developing Global Citizens Through Student Leadership

Leadership is the cornerstone to the time we spend molding and shaping our student leaders on a daily basis.  Our goal is to connect them with strong mentors who will nurture them as they grow in their daily leadership skills.  We invite successful members of the community to come in and talk with them about how they can grow as leaders and what it takes to become successful in life.  

We also emphasize the importance of community service in all of our leadership activities.  Student leaders set goals that are centered around interpersonal and personal goal setting.  Personal goal setting focuses around our student leaders developing an academic and personal goal for the week.  This gives them something to discuss with their mentor and adjust as they master that goal.  Interpersonally, we challenge our student leaders to look for ways at home, around school, in their community, and beyond to assist others in a positive way.  Therefore, our student leaders have organized drives to collect bed linens for Epworth Children's Home,  food for hurricane relief in both Lexington and Marion Counties, and raise money to help a fellow peer who is fighting Leukemia, just to name a few.  

Our goal is that every student leader walk away from our program understanding the importance of soft skills at home, school, and in their community.  By instilling this in each student leader, when they reach the work place years down the road, they will be productive citizens who not only positively contribute occupationally, but as parents and local citizens within their respective communities.